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Should be at the TOP of this
page, but the NEWS is too
gnarly and too rogue.
However truth needs
to be told, not hidden.

Rev.Michelle Hopkins

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King of Kings, I wonder
do you know him?


Having Christ's blood drip down on the Mercy Seat completes Our Salvation that Jesus laid down for us sinners who believe. Thank you Jesus!

The found dried blood was taken to a lab and the blood appeared alive!




Jesus is King of the Net!

I wonder do you know him?

Even though He does not really belong here, His Love extends to you! Time to be ready to ride on up. Escape the up coming troubles. We are the last generation before the new millennium, new earth, 1000 reign of righteous and into the 5th dimension. No more lying politicians, no more bankers, free energy & all knowing and no more bills, no more rent. Total freedom! We will help rebuild beautiful planet Earth, where we were born.

TRUTHFUL NEWS LINK PAGE. bookmark this page, get the latest REAL NEWS

Escape the coming Apocalypse. Learn all about the REAL RAPTURE.

Get a Ride on the Glory Express!

The King of the Net highly recommends this electronic HOLY BIBLE
It is a fast simple BIBLE search, reference, the best thang on the planet!
My friend Donna DEW designed this software, she did an excellent job!
Now all of us PRAYER WARRIORS have access to GOD's WORD at your
finger tips. ALl you got to do it go for it!

----------------- update 11/11/19 ----------------

"Where We Go One, We Go All ! Q • Q News go here.

I would like a Q T-shirt, where do I get one. 11/2019

Bro Andrew's Rapture Vision and Testimony

Arthur Blessit Youtube Channel

Arthur is the 'King of the Net' Preacher!

Just listen to Arthur is all you got to do. Of all the preachers, Arthur stands out the most with the cross on his back! All he does is talk about is JESUS and no other subject. With JESUS you can do anything. Listen to this wonderful video of him preaching the gospel. It will make you smile, it will make you cry, it will give you PEACE, LOVE and all you need is JESUS! Arthur is now 71 years old! and he feels and acts like a teenager! What preacher will take the cross off his church and carry it across the world? Only Arthur!

People send Bob their dreams and visions for Bob to share and sometimes interpretation follows.

Lonnie Frisbee & Chuck Smith baptized
over 1000 people in the Pacific Ocean
in the late 70's during the Jesus movement

Visit ERF Ministries | Click Here!

Walk the Roman Road to Salvation
Cool music, while you read & drink from the Bible.

Alternative Daily News that the major networks are afraid to tell the truth.

Up, Up and Away! Rapture Information

My Brother in Christ 'Sid Roth' and his Show 'Supernatural' is King of the Net!

King of is sponsored by the amazing Water Smacker


1/2018 • GOD the Father is extending the time on Earth and he
put Donald Trump, His choice in the White House, USA is God's baby, he loves
this form of democracy. Too many died on it's altar of FREEDOM, to give
it up now! Fight for America. Pray for Trump! If you do not like Trump, your
blind and need to repent and trust the Lord of High!

and much more from James

Another version from Bob Barber and another one :

Brother Robert Breaker - Cloud Church on 9/23/17

Be Ready September 23rd, 2017 - Quick Video

Karen Hudes an Ex - World Bank senior council, tells a similar story.
Their is no neutral ground to stand on, you will need the angels to protect you against the
NWO / Marshall Law / Sunday Law days ahead. When the bombs fall.

Now you may not be religious or believe in Christ, but without HIS blood cleansing your sin, your a mow over victim, with no power.
No other person who lived has the power in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, EVERY DEMON (evil person) shakes in his boots, when you rebuke someone in the Name of Jesus!! His name is the MOST POWERFUL NAME EVER MENTIONED! Sure Christians do die in the flesh, but they have NO FEAR and DEATH is nothing to them, actually it is a PLUS to die as you will get a new crystal light body and you finally get to meet Jesus your old friend. 32 years for me, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY BELIEF IN CHRIST! Many have NEVER allowed JESUS into your small spirit, please allow the HOLY SPIRIT into your spirit and your will become FULL and finally SATISFIFIED. Take this cool Roman Road to Salvation made by Brother Scottie with cool music in the back ground. The RAPTURE escape will any day now ( 9/6/14)

Alternative Online NEWS Services we recommend for you.


Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole LIVES!
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
The largest attended funeral service in all Hawaii's history!

New Movie 7/2013 that explains how
the Cabal Bankers ( Anti-Christ) took over.

The Book of ENOCH

Excellent NEPHILIM Bible Study
True story of Satan, Fallen Angels,
Giants & Hybrids

The Ken Peters 5 hour vision of the Tribulation Period of Seven Years.

Rapture DreamRapture Message Rapture = Taken away, lifted up, original greek and arabic, not in NKJ version. (update 7/31/13) from Brother Andrew. Testimony of why I believe in a Savior. Be prepared.

From the Center of the World Pool Galaxy, 31 million light years away. Great video for all to watch. GOD is BIG We are small. 43:45 minutes in the video, to see the CROSS in the center of this Big Galaxy from the Hubble Telescope. AMAZING!

Get rid of FEAR for GOOD!

Our brains are wired for LOVE. FEAR is the distortion of the truth. You are NOT a victim of this world. Learn how to change in 21 days. Science of the mind is NOW agreeing with spiritual phenomena

Jesus is King of the Waves
"He created them and
He shreds them!"©1982


Check out the • Buy that perfect gift with a lift NOW!


9/2/2013 UPDATE - Political/Banker corruption. ChemTrails. The "Rapture" in the Greek Bible, Thes. 5. (not the "rupture" as some call it) will happen soon. Vision and dream of rapture 30 years ago. I do alot of end time research and when I find another dis heartening political scam or CIA, FBI, TSA cover up, the Holy Spirit keeps saying " That is why I have to come back" I hear this over and over again. As for me and my family the best thing we got is Our belief in Jesus as our beloved savior being the the best thang we have found. Crop circle of a Cross fore warns us.

Be ready everyday. We could get 3 days of darkness, from the passing of Niburi or Wormwood (many names) It may block the sun.
all around the world for 3 days of darkness. When will this happen? No one seems to know, except the Father knows all. It will appear red the size of the moon. If this happens pray the entire time. After that a pole shift can happen. 3,000' wave on the west coast of the USA. A week later, the 7 planets of Niburi (Sumerian title) will throw it's debris field to earth, comets, firefall, etc. Maybe the "Rapture" of LOVE happens at this time? Time of the pouring out of the vials wrath of God. No man knows the time or hour. Best to be ready. Matthew 25:1-13 If nothing happens, GREAT, let us live longer, Lord. Youtube search the "Montauk Chair" Time travelers feel a bump at this time. The chair supposedly came out of a UFO craft, and can go though time warps. Sounds bizarre, hard to believe. Believing in Jesus Christ is hard too, unless you spend time with GOD your whole life, well I did some research, now I believe.

Many Christians don't know about the coming 5D (5th Dimension) Prophesy from Mayan, Sanskrit, Hopi, Maori, Sumatran, they all tell us to get ready for the ascension. Western Judeo/Christian/Muslim don't know this scared information and I encourage you to read all about it. You must have an open heart and must not judge, then you can learn. Science is shaking hands with spirituality. I believe the Crop Circles have messages for us today. One of the first churches was in Glastonbury, England where 90% of these crop circles show up. Jesus and His uncle Joseph of Arimathea, used to visit there, Joseph was a tin merchant and sailed to England many times.


Jesus is King
of the Net
Lord of Lords
King of Kings
His Kingdom Will
Never End.

The God Squad Guy
"Turn or Burn"

One of the greatest soldier for Christ, is this guy below. His only weapon is the sword ,
(the Bible) the Word of God. He has traveled around the world with a large 12'
cross on his shoulders. Such an incredible movie, a must see for all!

The Treasure Movie! A must see movie for everybody!

Vision of the Rapture • 32 years ago (1981) update 10/13/13


The TRUTH Shall Set You FREE!

Many Cool Videos that will
never be aired on TV!


The Blessed Team.

Be Prepared

The Truth Shall
Set You Free!


"Dudes & Dudettes, you have entered a most outstanding Web site, perhaps the most un-understood web site ever, because the religious hipsters do not want to see Jesus surfing, or Jesus skiing, or, Jesus boarding, no, Jesus to them is some dude, on a cross they can sell for $9.95 or some weird rap. Bras and Sis, let me assure you with everything I am about, all that is within me, and all what this web page is about by Brother Andrew, Jesus is simple, Jesus is pure, Jesus is love, Jesus IS…Jesus is not about jamming you in hell, or making you miserable, or, walking behind you to scold you, no, Jesus is much more, Jesus wants to be IN YOU. Jesus is a Blast, Jesus is FUN. "

The truth is, Jesus is a Spirit, like the “Wind” a power source you can not see, necessarily, but you can see the results. If you allow Jesus to have his resurrection power in your life, if you dare allow him to come inside of you, you will be changed forever. Asking Christ to come into your heart isn't like taking LSD, or smoking dope, or anything like getting high, He is so much bigger then the stoners, because Jesus is the real deal, 100% genuine!!! Dudes and Dudettes. bow your hearts and your mind right now, reading this I want you to say “Lord Jesus, I want you right now to come into my life, I need you Lord, I want you to empower me with your Resurrection Love, your glorious power to forgive me of all my sins and failures, I am calling on you Lord, please show me YOU, I am asking to be ‘Born Again’ of the Spirit of your Father, God Almighty. Please, right now allow me to feel you, believe in you and be a part of your love to the world. Thank you Jesus for coming into my life, Amen.”

Please , if you have prayed that prayer, or a prayer like that because you came across this web page, take a minute to write Brother Andrew, or myself, Dave Dude, and let us know. We want to e-mail back to you and encourage you, you are important, important enough to post this web page, important enough to pray for, important enough for Jesus to die for and rise again. God Bless You – later. (message by the Doctor D.Rickard MD. )

The King of Kings is a Surfer of Souls!
"He created them and He shreds them!"©1982

Jesus is King of the Net !
Even though He does not really belong here, His Love extends to you!

Truckers are getting 10% to 25% better fuel mileage with a added water fuel cell system.

Mr. Bucko of WPC

Please read what God had me write.
My testimony and downloadable WORD.doc message below:

"Be Prepared" ( Boy Scout motto)
A written Testimony of a believer in Christ.
Update : 6/17/2013

Revelation Timeline • A must see video 2013

Parable of the 10 virgins is for TODAY

To learn about the Illuminati and the New World Order, by watching a few videos go here. 6/15/09

My Christian friends are giving me flack for posting these mysterious works of art. A corn field medium from artists from another planet. Made by people or spirit beings with higher intelligence. We should be aware of deception from spiritual dark dimensions, but I find this subject quite fascinating. The patterns , the warnings, the connection with those paying attention to the art form. has been taught that "space aliens" are a deception from Satan and that once considered the "Crop Circles" nothing but a hoax. If you take some time and watch this movie, you will find out that Crop Circles are a special message for you about the coming future, they are trying to warn us of drastic change ahead. Watch the film "What On Earth?" that they will NOT see on TV. You will be enlightened, pray as you watch. Be prepared!


9/11 Truth falls on deaf ears. Does it make you wonder? Why the 5 main stream news and TV Corps don't WANT you to know the REAL TRUTH behind "9/11" and "Crop Circles? " but your Savior wants you to be wise as serpents and smarter than the OWL. YOU ARE GOD's PEOPLE! Please stand up and fight for your US Constitution of rights, soon to be gone over night!
Be Prepared!
Get up Stand up , stand up for your rights! March in parades, shout with mega phones on the sidewalks. Block traffic and raid a donut store with all your colleagues.

This page dedicated to "Champ" the famous dog © (1980-1996).
Even though he ain 't around : "Champ Lives!!"

All rights reserved © clip art freely omitted in most states of mine.
Just smile God loves you. Go Surfing it is good for the soul.


Water Powered Car Technology


Drink healing water from home


Having Christ's blood drip down on the Mercy Seat completes Our Salvation that Jesus laid down for us sinners who believe. Thank you Jesus!

The found dried blood was taken to a lab and the blood appeared alive!

Please watch this video

Be Prepared


Sorry to offend you, but that is exactly what our tax paid US NRO calls it : "Jesus Christ, it’s a god-damn boat! Christ! It’s a big boat!"" NRO ( a gov. agency most have never heard of, sent some Navy Seals to the site and they came back with enough evidence to prove it was Noah's Ark, in the hills of Turkey, near Mt. Ararat. Then, they labeled it HIGHLY CLASSIFIED, ABOVE TOP SECERT!" It backs up what Ron Wyatt, Charles Berlitz and others found the original real Noah's Ark. Their is 2 arks up on Mt. Ararat, one is up higher in the glacier, it may be the Deluge Ark that was in the Sumerian History books, 6000 years before Noah? Or is the ark that Ron discovered the first ark? and Noah's is frozen in the glacier?

Egyptian chariot wheels in the Red Sea Crossing and most fascinating is the "Ark of the Covenant" found 20' below where Christ died on the Cross. Christ's blood dripped onto the Mercy seat of the Ark, that was hidden in Jeremiah's Grotto, for 2600 years. Nebuchadnezzar took over Jerusalem in 600 BC., and the Ark was never mentioned again in the Bible. Information hidden from the public! Why? Will this powerful knowledge of Christ make it way to heard to brainwash the sheep? You bet. Knowledge is power! Please inform yourself! Why doesn't the church talk about it? Have you ever heard of it. The blood samples taken to a lab, found this blood to be alive! Sounds real far fetched, but after many days of research listening, praying Lord is this real? I came to a conclusion that Ron Wyatt is right on! Watch for yourself! You will blessed

Newly Relaesed TV videos from 1992 :

Ron Wyatt Biblical Discoveries Part 1 & Part 2

King of the WavesKing of the RampThe Rock Who Doesn't Roll
The God SquadDr. Dave RickardBe Prepared

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